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Magic Mycelium

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

I apologize in advance as this is less about photography techniques and more about my lifelong passion with mushrooms. Santa even used to put mushrooms in my Christmas stocking and I recently found a charm bracelet and remember that my mushroom charm was my favourite.

Is it a coincidence that I have two mushroom clients? They are varied and different and its so great we have both available to us in the city. One harvests wild (Untamed Feast - morels, chanterelles, porcini as well as wild seaweed and black rice) and the other, Gruger Family Fungi, grow mushrooms in their fascinating facility. It's a huge blessing to do photography for them. I reached out to them originally just because I wanted to experience their mushrooms to photograph. Now I can't get enough as they are so delicious and varied. The pink, yellow and blue and king oysters are my favourite. They also cary extracts and creams for your health. Not to mention collaborating with for some brilliant hemp health products.

But that's just a small part of the mushroom brilliance! They have amazing nutritious and medicinal benefits but even more fascinating is the network of mushrooms on the planet. If you ever get a chance to see, it's an incredible documentary about the world of mushrooms and the link to us as humans.

Mushrooms start as Mycelium and at Gruger they will take you on tour to learn all about it.

Here's a bit of online information to better understand Mycelium and the importance to our ecosystem and lives. It's super cool!

And photographically? At first, I wanted to do something really creative with the mushrooms but in the end, I just let them speak for themselves. They are amazing macro subjects and they are just so naturally beautiful that I left them alone, I used a single natural light source and got up close and personal.

Beginning with the mycelium and ending with a slight art piece. Please comment about what speaks to you. They beauty of art is it's subjectivity. Do you like the macro, the rustic or the museum white?

Simply enjoy their beauty. And if you get a chance, check out:


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