• Sandy Weatherall

Stills into Video - Press'd Sandwiches

One of my favourite things about starting this blog is to connect with my clients; not just strictly for work. So many said "yes" to being a blog guest and owner Scott Gordon graciously brought me in. I learned a lesson and my video clip of him being so awesome didn't record - yup, we are all human and make mistakes sometimes but what I will show you is a quick and fun short video from stills you can produce in Photoshop.

Press'd is bringing smoothies out; healthy like their sandwiches so we wanted to show the simplicity of the ingredients going into them. I began with a stop motion attempting with dropping the chopped ingredients into a glass but it was a little difficult to understand what each ingredient was, for example, fresh grated ginger or "what's the liquid" going in.

So I suggested the concept of photographing each raw ingredient alone, whole and then stringing them together with the blended smoothie at the end. Scott was up for it; laughing at me propping tiny almonds or peanuts and even managing to stand a banana upright! I shot on white, changed the backdrop in photoshop and then created a series of jpgs from individual elements. I would add multiple layers for raining almond or peanuts. Not sure how to do that? Ask me for an editing tutorial. I'd be happy to oblige.

Then I dropped the jpgs into Premiere Pro and voila! A

stop motion type video telling a super quick story.

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