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Wine Not?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Ahem...I've liked wine for a long time.

And then some wine comes along that's really special. Special because the taste is smooth. But even more special because of the people behind it.

When I started this blog, I reached out to former clients and friends who are connected to food. The response; super cool.

So now we get to enjoy some really good stuff from Corkbeard Wine Co.

I met the two sisters Lisa and Nadia when photographing (a little outside my food world) for The Know Tribe; a group of amazing businesswomen who are real and good people.

The have generously sponsored wine for our events so when I

thought about showcasing photographing glassware and beverages, I thought of them.

Here's a little journey on the methods for photographing glass and beverages.

You can see the video on my Facebook page.

On White:

It's imperative to get light behind a beverage when showcasing on white. Unlike portrait photography, where the most important light comes somewhere from the front side of the subject, with beverages, it's from the back. It pops colour and highlights the glass.

I started with a "sweep", A plastic semi transparent curved backdrop that creates a "light through" effect. Using LED lights, I adjusted until I achieved the desired look (I find this difficult to achieve with natural light but it's not impossible. I fact, challenge me to do it and I will make it happen!) from behind. The challenge of this is essentially it creates a silhouette. To correct for this, I brought in another light from the left side to fill in the dark areas. Finally, I added a reflector from the right to fill in more and to create shape.

Note, the subtle differences in placement of wine glass to bottle make. Always check and test what feels right. Doesn't seem like much at first, but makes a difference.

In Environment:

Like the chaga tea post I did a couple weeks ago, I created a more rustic scene in a modern space. This time, instead of with the Halloween brew, I used natural light. Again, I created a funnel of light (mostly using black foam core board) to get the beverage lit in a darker environment but to avoid large distracting reflections. I tried to control most of them in shooting. I did edit some reflections but I have some natural ones that you will see in the gallery. I DID however edit some dust and smudge marks. Reminder to self about my usual care of clean glassware when shooting!! It saves a ton of work in editing.

It's all in the details. The turn of the labels so the words are clear. Mood and action help too. I think the pour shot is my favourite.

Tell me what you like and even what you might change. The best thing about creative projects is that it's subjective. What one likes, another might not. I learn from ever set of eyes that place themselves on my work.

Thanks, friends!

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