When I was in school, I photographed fresh bread from the local Italian Bakery. The aroma, intensified by the studio lights, drew fellow students to investigate what I was shooting. They hovered, waiting for me to get the shot so they could eat. We shared bread. Grateful, hungry students and friends came together.


This is the power of food.


Food is connection. The creators of food add a part of themselves and not only nourish others but add a little soul to what they put out there. For every bite of food we take, there is a story behind it.


Creating food photos and videos is not a commercial pursuit; it is art. It is my passion. Making custom sets and props and using the right lighting to bring it all together allows me to tell the food and people stories for my clients.


And it’s a beautiful thing.


I’m here to share your food story with photography and videos.


I get excited about understanding your brand and what you want to say to your clients with your photography. I will create the right visual “words”. It’s not uncommon for me to paint backdrops to match your brand colours and I even went so far to take a pottery class just to get the perfect plates for a client.


When I shoot for you, I will understand what you want your photography to do for your business. I will learn who you are and who your clients are. I will research and brainstorm to help tell your story. The shoots will be fun and not just functional. Some music of your choice and my joy for the process usually ends up in me talking to the food. “Oh, you’re a pretty little 




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I stand on my head every day and jump out of planes on a regular basis. When I see the world  from different perspectives I can see your creative vision and make your photos and videos from a unique point of view!


Jinsei means life.

The first Kanji 'jin' means human beings, it is also pronounce 'hito', and the second one 'sei' means born.