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Teaching photography is one of my greatest joys!

I love seeing lightbulbs go on and watching my students grow.

I have students who have gone on to successful careers and even have work in National Geographic Magazine.

Mostly, we just have an awesome fun time learning, exploring and creating!

Watch for workshops coming!

Thanks for submitting!

Beginner DSLR or mirrorless Photography

Are you a beginner photographer and frustrated because you can't get your camera to do what you "see"?


Do you want to learn how to operate your camera with ease and efficiency?


This class is for you; appropriate for absolute beginners to those with some experience who wish to learn more about their equipment and how to "see" better.


Any type of camera (including the 'point and shoot' variety) is fine for this class Please note that cell phone cameras are NOT allowed for this class.

You'll bring your camera, your camera manual and a willingness to have some fun in class while we teach you all about your camera's automatic and manual settings.  You'll learn how to creatively compose and understand how to see light better. 


Mostly, it's fun!



Phone Product Photography

Are you a food or product developer, chef, artist or small business owner and frustrated that you can't get good photos of your products?

You know that you should hire a professional but you are a small business you want to update your photos regularly and it's simply not practical.


This class is for you! 

You will learn simple things as how to see and manipulate available light or how to use simple artificial lighting systems. Plus what angles, lens (or zoom features) are best. Tips on staging and backgrounds too..

AND...I will support you in expressing your brand vision through photography.


Any type of camera, including your phone, is perfect for this class. If you have a DSLR and are unsure of the settings, I suggest taking the Beginner DSLR course first. This class is about light angles, perspective and sets!

Be ready to have some fun. Even though there's an end goal to make your business better, we will have fun creating, collaborating and brainstorming all things visual and business.



Food Photography

Yes, I can teach you to do what I do! No secrets here and It's so much fun!

With the boom in social media and the foodie craze, food photography is more popular than ever.  However, food photography has the unique characteristics of being both technically and artistically challenging.


I will guide you through a series of lectures and practical hands-on photography exercises through the steps, techniques and equipment necessary to make captivating images of food.  And don't worry, you'll get plenty of chances to create photographs in this food photography class. I will provide a food photographers playground of props, lights, backgrounds and other fun tools and accessories. This class covers the important technical aspects of photographing food, but more importantly you will learn the tricks of the trade in making your edibles look even better than they taste.

You must know how to use your camera on manual settings and a tripod is a must.



Macro Photography

The island is a macro playground! 

You will learn how to look for "the little things"

We’ll spend the day together helping you learn about the aspects of macro photography necessary to produce compelling and well composed images.


We’ll discuss the equipment the technical skills necessary to produce captivating images. Learning to find macro photography opportunities and develop a creative vision to separate your photos from the average. 


This playful day course isn't just about you listening to an instructor talking about technical details, its about you getting an opportunity to try out some of the techniques discussed using your own digital camera with macro capabilities or a camera with a macro lens.  



Pet Photography

In another life, I worked as a Veterinary Assistant and Dog Groomer as well as a Pet Photographer.


I will help you learn that there is a huge difference between making a cute “snapshot” of a pet and making a compelling portrait. My animal experience will help you learn not just photography but to exercise your patience and love of animals while making skillfully crafted portraits. 

Using a combination of classroom lecture, demonstration and hands-on exercises with real pet models, you will learn the techniques  to produce stunning pet portraiture images.


Camera techniques, indoor and outdoor lighting, working with animals, designing portraits and much more will be offered. 


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